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Did you know we also provide weather protection? If you are looking for a weather protection scaffold sheeting that will serve you as long as you desire come to Scaffolding Birmingham.

About our weather protection sheet

Weather protection Birmingham

When you look at most sites in Alabama State it is common to see scaffold sheeting. It is one of the components that make scaffolds in many sites. Normally tied to the scaffolding posts in order to keep it in place. The sheeting comes in different grades, and it is, therefore, necessary to acquire one from a reliable company like ours. One of the main use of this sheeting is protecting the workers, tools, and materials from the weather. Other of its uses include:

The components of our scaffold sheeting are:

It is always advisable to put the following into consideration before settling on which grade of the sheeting one should use:

When you work with us, we always do some calculations which help us to determine the wind direction and speed in return helping us to decide the best sheeting for your project. This is because a site that is in an open space is likely to be affected by wind more as compared to a site located in between high-rise buildings where swing stage scaffolding is used.

Advantages of having scaffold sheeting in your site

Scaffolding Birmingham Alabama

Having scaffold sheeting on your site comes along with some benefits. Some of the major benefits include:

Why Choose Scaffolding Birmingham

Scaffolding Birmingham Alabama

Quality Workmanship

Our bungee codes that are used to attach the sheeting to the scaffolding do not stretch very much hence they are in a position to maintain their elasticity for a long time. This helps in ensuring that at no given point will the workers be exposed to unsafe conditions. We also ensure that our sheet is designed to all relevant standards and codes of practice hence they can withstand cold weather and strong winds. Most of our sheeting is made of PVC material which is well known for quality.


At Scaffolding Birmingham our scaffold sheeting comes in different grades hence you can choose the one that suits your site and pocket. Our catalog is designed to fit all. You also have the option of getting a plain one or customized digitally printed sheeting. We can print your company name, logo, or details and the services you offer on the scaffold sheeting as a way of advertising your services, or anything else you prefer being printed on the sheet.


Scaffold for weather protection

During the designing of the sheeting, we always ensure that the calculations are done by competent personnel to avoid any errors. This is the reason why at no point have our sheeting been detached or carried away by strong winds. Additionally, the sheeting is also attached to the scaffold by our well-experienced team. A well-designed and fixed sheeting always aid in ensuring the workers are well protected no matter the prevailing climatic condition or location of the site.

Scaffold sheeting is all you need to keep your site from heavy wind, rains, snow, or dust. Get in touch with us to get one that fits your project.