Modular Scaffolding

Are you looking for modular scaffolding for your upcoming project? At Scaffolding Birmingham we got you covered.

About modular scaffolding

modular scaffold

Also referred to as system scaffolding or prefabricated scaffolding. It is one of the modern scaffolds being used today across the globe. Since its development about 35 years ago people have continually used it. Modular scaffolding components are already manufactured in accordance with where there are being used before transferring them to the site that is why it also bears the name prefabricated scaffold. It consists of different tubes and posts which are easily connected to each other befitting the project’s requirements. The posts have fixed connection points where other members of the scaffold such as the runners, bearers, and diagonals are connected depending on the level that needs to be achieved. This type of scaffold is one of the easiest to store and transport since its various members can easily be stacked on top of each other. At Scaffolding Birmingham we provide cuplock scaffold, kwikstage, and ringlock type of modular scaffolding.

Cuplock Scaffolding


Our cuplock system scaffolding is mainly made from galvanized steel and this makes it suitable to be used where they are heavy loads. Some of the reasons why people use this scaffolding include that:

Kwikstage scaffolding


Also known as quick stage scaffolding. Just like the name suggests it is easy to erect and dismantle. At Scaffolding Birmingham we use this type of scaffolding where the building façade is complex. Other benefits of this type of scaffolding comprise of:

Ringlock scaffolding

scaffold modular

Also referred to as all-round scaffolding. It is perfect for buildings with complex shapes and elevations. Moreover, this type of modular scaffolding requires a minimal area of storage since it lacks loose components, is easy to set it up, and very durable.

Who uses swing stage scaffolding?

Some workers in the construction industry who use modular scaffolding include:

Why our modular scaffolding?


With our well-versed professionals at Scaffolding Birmingham, we are in a position to set this type of scaffolding both on the outside and inside of a building. This makes it possible for works to continue on both sides that ensuring fast delivery.


Modular scaffolding has an interlocking system feature that helps in ensuring safety. Its components such as the diagonals, runners, and bearers provide a fall protection platform. This has helped widely in reducing the number of accidents since one can easily hold on to those members in case of a fall. Additionally, the scaffold comes with handrails and braces where one can grasp.


One of the main reasons that make modular scaffolding very common is that it is easy to assemble and dismantle. Apart from professionals, unskilled individuals can also easily assemble it. Modular scaffolding also gives the people using it a great space to work and height irrespective of the size of the project or where it is being used.


Unlike most scaffolds, the prefabricated scaffold can be prefabricated to fit your requirement. Its components are what makes it fit in any project.

Additional benefits of modular scaffolding include:


Are you in need of modular scaffolding in Alabama State? Our team is waiting for you with a well-prepared catalog that can fit whichever type of project you are trying to start.

When it comes to modular scaffolding our services include:

Having provided this type of scaffolding to several other sites expect the best service ever from us.

Why Choose Scaffolding Birmingham

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Extremely qualified team members with many years of experience

Since we started the company we have worked in many different sites. This has helped us to gain the skill of knowing how to design our modular scaffolding to fit your application. Our team members are also well trained when it comes to safety, in any site they take the responsibility of teaching the workers how to avoid or minimize the risks associated with scaffoldings.


Before starting to use any of our modular scaffolding, our team members always ensure that the different components of the scaffolding are correctly fixed. We also provide safety gear such as personal fall arrest systems, and overhead protection tunnels to help reduce the number of accidents on site. Our company will always ensure we have a team on-site ensuring that those using our scaffolding take all the necessary precautions. The team on site also helps in fixing any problem associated with the scaffolding that may arise during work progress, on time to prevent work stoppage on site.


Our modular scaffolding services are always available no matter the size of the project in the Alabama State. We do not have a limit on the number of scaffolds you can hire from us within a specific time. To our esteemed clients, we are always a call away. Our team has always ensured that at no point that the cause of the delay of a project is due to the scaffolds.